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Joanne Lee Stephens was utterly disgusted and posted on social media disability forum the plight of her brother Edward Lee failing his assessment.

This is my brother Edward Lee who was diagnosed with cancer of the jaw and Lymph Nodes.
On the 04/01/2017 my brother was admitted to hospital for an operation to save his life.
On the 5/01/2017 my brother had his operation and very ill when he left theatre.

On the 6/1/2017 ATOS did an telephone assessment to decide his fitness for work.

On the 23/02/2017 DWP wrote back stating that he had scored ZERO points even though he is on very high doses of Morphine as well as other Morphine tablets to kill the pain.

My brother is confined to bed unable to eat still and the cancer has made its way through his neck into the chest
His benefits were immediately stopped…

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Should I stay or should I go?

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You've gotta have Gumption....

I’ve been feeling pretty crappy lately. It’s winter and the short days of cold, windy rain are taking their toll on my body. I hurt. I’m sad. I’m ready for a break from the relentless pain and monotony of feeling terrible. Of course I don’t dare say that out loud. I don’t show that part of my life to many people. It’s private. It’s my struggle. It’s a battle that I let few help me with.

There are a number of reason for this.

Firstly I am not great company when I’m struggling to deal with the higher levels of pain. I’m quiet, introverted and can barely smile or speak. For someone known for their loud, positive, chatty, bossy nature this part of me can be quite shocking and it can make people worry. I haven’t got the energy reserves on those days to explain and to reassure others, So…

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Eight food parcels handed out in under 2 hours. 

The poor side of life

Thankfully today wasn’t as cold as last week, although it was damp. The rain clouds were hovering above us and to me it felt like a sign of impending doom. Dramatic I know, but the political state of the planet is pretty dire.

Almost as soon as I arrived I was greeted by Roy, a tireless campaigner. I’ve mentioned him in the last blog I believe. We had a general chat, well more like a moan from myself.

The food parcels arrived and were much needed. It is hard for people to accept that they need the help, it’s degrading and demoralising. That’s exactly why we don’t judge. No one should be hungry and I make no apologies for repeating myself when I say that.

The mood from the public wasn’t good. People sanctioned for not receiving letters, yes that is still happening. Scroll down to read a previous blog…

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Woman with mental age of a toddler had benefits stopped because she missed her DWP appointment

Benefit tales

The 26-year-old is to be medically assessed for work despite having mind of a three-year-old

A severely disabled woman, with the mental age of a toddler, had her benefits stopped by the Department of Work and Pensions because she “missed an appointment”.

Georgina Ball has aicardi syndrome, a rare brain abnormality which means she suffers from severe epileptic seizures and learning disabilities, and is unable to walk, talk, read or write.

The 26-year-old claims Employment Support Allowance but this was stopped in December after her mum received a letter to say that her daughter had missed an appointment, to be medically assessed for work.

Mum Paula, who is Georgina’s full time carer, says that she never received a letter, and added that even if she did her daughter cannot attend the appointment because the centre does not have the facilities to deal with her needs.

The 53-year-old said: “What three-year-old…

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Can’t use a computer, or read or write very well? Tough. No benefits for you.

Benefit tales

From Kate Belgrave’s b;og:

…………………………..The fact is an employment minister’s claims that most benefit applicants happily apply and manage benefits online masks a monumental problem of exclusion. I meet people who have abandoned hope of applying for or keeping benefits, even though they very clearly need to. Complex application forms, intrusive and judgmental staff and constant rejection (particularly for housing help) are all reasons for this. Problems with reading, writing, using computers and just understanding and meeting the DWP’s convoluted requirements are often also high on the list.

And sure – the service people get at jobcentres these days is often terrible, but that’s because staff and the service have been run into the ground.

I really have lost count of the number of times when jobcentre advisers have told me that nobody has time to help people in need with job application forms, or calls to employers, or even…

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