The Queen is set for a mammoth £40million pay rise as nurses, firefighters and soldiers get just 1% : Daily Mirror.


The Sovereign Grant is set to soar from £42.8million in the 12 months to March this year to £82.2million in 2018-19, it can be revealed.

The Queen is set for a bumper pay rise (Photo: Getty)

The Queen is set for an eye-watering “pay rise” of almost £40million while nurses, firefighters and soldiers are handed meagre 1% annual hikes.

The Sovereign Grant is set to soar from £42.8million in the 12 months to March this year to £82.2million in 2018-19, it can be revealed.

Chancellor Philip Hammond is expected to confirm the figure at his autumn Budget.

The jaw-dropping climb is fuelled by record-breaking Crown Estate profits and an overhaul of how the monarch’s handout is calculated, to fund decade-long repairs to Buckingham Palace.

Since 2012, the taxpayer-funded bill for the royals’ expenses – known as the Sovereign Grant – has been set at 15% of Crown Estate profit, two…

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Value of individual – depends what you can give #Tories


A short rant on equality, you make your own mind up.

After yesterdays announcement of the Tories £1.5+ BILLION gift to DUP for Votes, today we learn disabled patients requiring a wheelchair are essentially reliant upon begging. It transpires disabled people unable to afford and needing, an alternative to the NHS 44lb wheelchair, is being forced to raise their own funds to purchase suitable equipment.

The  wheelchairs available from the NHS is not only unwieldy but “manoeuvring the devices risks causing damage” , however the price of a suitable chair can cost Thousands.  Given that disabled people have already been  hardest hit by the plethora of Cuts,  in particular by vast array of issues experienced during those transferring from DLA to PIP  it seems fair to assume many of the 13 million people in UK can not afford the potential £10,000.

It appears that if you’re a DUP MP…

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PROPAGANDA ROW MP slams heads who ‘sent thousands of letters warning parents of Tory funding cuts’ in run-up to election : Sun.


Heads warned families of the ‘dreadful state’ of education funding under the Conservatives, breaching official guidance.

HEADTEACHERS sent thousands of letters with anti-Tory messages to parents in the run up to the General Election breaching official guidance, it was revealed last night.

Tory MP Henry Smith decried the propaganda-style letters as “unacceptable”  after heads from 3,000 schools across 145 countieswere sent them out.

MP Henry Smith: ‘Parents tend to trust what their school tell them.’

MP Henry Smith: ‘Parents tend to trust what their school tell them.’

The letters were sent to families by post and on social media, and warned of the “dreadful state” of education funding under the Conservatives.

The National Union of Teachers also urged parents to sign a petition with one school tweeting parents should think again before voting for the Tories.

According to official guidance, schools must not use public resources to give one party an advantage during ‘purdah’ – the period between an election being called and polling day.

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NHS cuts are forcing disabled patients to crowdfund in order to pay for wheelchairs

Benefit tales

Doctors are warning that savage cuts to services and a postcode lottery mean growing numbers rely on the public to help raise funds for the mobility aid online

Patients are being forced to crowdfund to pay for wheelchairs because of cuts to the NHS, doctors have warned. Savage cuts to services and a postcode lottery mean growing numbers rely on the public to help raise funds online.

Medics at the British Medical Association ’s annual meeting in Bournemouth today passed a motion calling for users to have “timely access to chairs suitable for their individual conditions”.

Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, a junior doctor working in south London, said hundreds of patients were fundraising online for their wheelchairs. Standard NHS chairs can weigh around 44lb (20kg) and, for some patients, manoeuvring the devices could cause damage, she said.

Dr Barham-Brown, who presented the motion, used crowdfunding to pay for her own…

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Wales demands £1.7billion after Theresa May gives ‘bung’ to Northern Ireland in DUP deal : Express.


WALES and Scotland have reacted with fury to £1billion DUP deal with the Conservatives, ordering Theresa May to hand them the same payout.

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster agreed to prop up Theresa May’s minority Government this morning in exchange for the eye-watering sum.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, of the Labour Party, described the cash injection as “bung” which flew in the face of Government commitments to fair funding for the nations and regions.

Plaid Cymru said Wales should receive about £1.7 billion to match the cash being handed over in addition to devolved funds handed out under the Barnett formula.

The Welsh Government put the figure at £1.67 billion over the course of the Parliament.

Mr Jones said: “Today’s deal represents a straight bung to keep a weak Prime Minister and a faltering Government in office.

“This is a short-term fix which will have far-reaching and destabilising…

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Tory cap on benefits is a catch 22 for single parents trying to feed young families : Daily Record.


When even a High Court judge reckons the policy causes “real misery for no good purpose” then it is time to take stock.

Feeding your family is the no1 priority for any parent . For a single parent in difficult financial circumstances, it becomes an even greater pressure.

If you can’t take a job because you can’t find someone to look after your children while you work, you are trapped on ever-decreasing benefits.

The Tory cap on benefits means that there is a £20,000 limit on what can be claimed. It means that families are sinking first into homelessness, then poverty, then starvation.

A quarter of all children in the UK are living in poverty, and one in five parents is struggling to feed their children

When even a High Court judge reckons that a cap on the benefits the poor can be entitled to causes “real misery for no…

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Video: #BBCR4 tries to claim #Glastonbury2017 BOOING for Corbyn


As Labour MP Chris Williamson pointed out, BBC Radio 4’s hourly news bulletin has tried to claim that there were boos for Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury yesterday:

Although the main 6pm and 10pm bulletins focused on Corbyn’s ‘rock star’s welcome’ from one of the biggest crowds in Glastonbury’s history, it seems the shorter hourly updates in between were seeking to convey a more alloyed impression, even though the few boos that occurred clearly were not aimed at Corbyn but at a rather more… orange target:

Corbyn had referred to Trump when reading a sign that said ‘Build bridges, not walls’.

It seems Radio 4 was paying…

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