Please Sign a Petition to Demand Justice for Two Sisters sentenced to be Raped.

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Source: Please Sign a Petition to Demand Justice for Two Sisters sentenced to be Raped.


There’s more chance of dying at the hands of the government than at the hands of a murderer in the UK. 

The poor side of life

Sounds obscene doesn’t it? Sounds like I’m scaremongering but I’m not. This is the reality of being poor and disabled and living in the U.K at the moment.

We don’t have fun, life is very hard. I don’t know of anyone that actually benefits from being on so called benefits at the moment. It’s a word that I don’t like using. It’s social security and we need to start using the correct wording. Blairite and Tory language should not be used in my eyes.

The reason why they don’t like us saying ‘social security’ is because it actually states what it is. It is a safety net that most people have paid into throughout their life. When you fall on hard times its there to provide some security from starving and the other results of poverty..

What this government has done very successfully is to make people forget this. They’ve…

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Can we stop tearing strips out of each other over Corbyn?


The most frightening aspect of Corbyn’s ascendancy has been watching self-described rational, progressive, enlightened people behave like the very lowest, smearing, opportunistic tabloid hacks. On all sides. Truly shocking. Then, presumably, when the same tabloids do it to whomever is Labour Party leader before the 2020 election, most of the same people will be incandescent with rage, saying “how dare they take things out of context and twist them to suit their agenda?”

imageThere is nothing Corbyn could do or say to convince the majority of people who are opposed to his choice, because emotionally they have decided that he is far too radical or unelectable or whatever. Just as I decided that he will be an effective tool for shaking up a rotten system and revitalising the Labour Party. And that is that.

I don’t have a problem with their assessment. I respect it. There is nothing wrong with…

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