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More money for foreign countries … you’ve got to love me..

David Camercon's private Journal

Dear Diary

Well, I am happy to announce that I am going to hand over nearly £25 million to the Jamaican government to help them build prisons so that I can send the Jamaican prisoners here in the UK back to their home town.

I have decided to do this as I continue to feather my nest when it comes to stepping down from power. This means that I have another country under my wings for those upcoming after dinner speeches.

I know that the prisons in the UK are in an appalling state but I don’t care about those prisons. After all, it’s not like I intend staying in this cesspit of a country once i’ve finished with it.

Come on, think about it. Who would want to stay in a country where 90% of the people are starving, freezing and have no hope in hell chance of getting…

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Terminally Ill (Step) Father Who Fundraised For (Step) Daughter’s Cancer Treatment Dies Aged 32

Same Difference

An inspirational dad who raised more than £500,000 to fund his six-year-old stepdaughter’s cancer treatment while he battled a brain tumour has died.

Tom Attwater, 32, captured the hearts of a nation by fighting his own ill health while ensuring stepdaughter Kelli Smith was given the best chance of life.

The youngster endured childhood cancer neuroblastoma aged just three months old and then again aged three in 2012.

But the family were dealt another devastating blow after Tom was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in September that year.

Dedicated Tom ignored his own health concerns and instead focused on fundraising for the daughter of his 28-year-old wife Joely.

He vowed to raise half a million pounds before his death so that Kelli could receive pioneering medical care not available on the NHS.

And in December last year his dying wish came true as he hit the £500,000 mark to be…

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Iain Duncan Smith’s New Twitter Account Gears up as Tory Conference Nears.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

This may possibly be a piss-take.

Iain Duncan Smith MP


Chin chin old bean. Parodia Spucatum tauri.

Meanwhile, The Manchester Evening News reports:

Ring of steel set to go up as Manchester prepares for Conservative Party conference.

The infamous ‘ring of steel’ will soon go up around Manchester Central for The Conservative Party conference as thousands of politicians – and protesters – descend upon the city centre.

Scores of Tories will flood into Manchester next Sunday (October 4) for the party’s annual conference.

Around 80,000 activists and protesters are expected to crash the party, as demonstrations are held against the government’s austerity drive.

The event is expected to attract 12,000 delegates and exhibitors and generate an economic boost for the city of £29m.

It will be the fourth time the Conservatives have held their conference in Manchester since 2009.

The usual ‘ring of steel’ around the conference venue…

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