Tories’ ESA welfare cuts defeated after powerful speech by Paralympic idol Tanni-Grey Thompson


Flagship Troubled Families Scheme Slammed As A Fraudulent Scam By Social Worker

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Royal family at Buckingham Palace Everybody’s knows them. The parasitic families plaguing the lives of ordinary decent people. Parents on benefits, kids running rampant, a sense of entitlement passed down through generations. The kind of people who expect everyone else to clean up after them. But enough about her Majesty.

A front-line social care worker has accused the government’s flagship Troubled Families programme of being a ‘fraudulent scam’ that is subjecting families to ‘coercion and harassment’ and wasting public funds.

The comments have been published by respected research body the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies who last year also produced a report on the Troubled Families scheme.  This, and today’s front-line testimony, reveal a very different side of the programme that David Cameron recently announced will soon be extended to 400,000 more families.

Officially Troubled Families has been a huge success.  A dubiously huge success.  According to the government’s figures, of the…

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BREAKING: House Of Lords Votes For Lord Low Amendment Asking For Assessment Before Introducing WRAG Cuts #NoESACut

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The House of Lords have just voted  for  Amendment B1, tabled by Lord Low, by 289-219. The amendment asks for an impact assessment into the proposed cut to the WRAG before the cut becomes law.

This is a little piece of progress for disabled people after last week’s disappointment. The Bill will now go back to the House of Commons and it is to be hoped that the Commons will accept the new amendment.

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