Cameron’s Britain: MP officially criticised for showing humanity to constituent

Pride's Purge

A Labour MP – Jess Phillips – has written to the Justice Secretary Michael Gove to complain about a DWP tribunal judge’s criticism of her after she put an X at the end of a letter to a constituent.

This is not satire:

MP kiss

Cameron’s Britain – where our elected representatives and officials are criticised for showing a little humanity.

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Javid “I can’t save the steel industry. I’m washing my hair.”

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Business Secretary Sajid Javid has said that he will sadly be unable to promise nationalisation of the Port Talbot steel works in Wales, as he is too busy washing his hair.

Addressing a press conference with mad staring eyes Mr Javid said  “I would dearly have loved to step up to the mark and make some attempt to save the last of a once great British industry. But on Wednesdays I like to wash my hair. And take a shit. Albeit a metaphorical shit on the many thousands that will become unemployed.”

“And I also can’t because I don’t care.” He added.

Former Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith told us that despite his new found social conscience he would not be arguing for nationalisation either as he would also be washing his golden locks. However, his replacement Stephen Crabb assured us that he would come down like a…

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Jeremy Hunt: lies, damned lies & 6,000 statistics

Mutterings from the Left

As the Junior Doctor’s contract dispute continues with no end in sight, I revisit the saga of certain claims made by the Health Secretary last year – and find, as always, nothing is quite as it seems.

There have been numerous debates surrounding the now-infamous Jeremy Hunt speech in July last year, when he claimed that 6,000 additional deaths were attributable to NHS staffing levels at the weekends and that mortality increased 15% on a Sunday compared to a Wednesday – statistics which he used in the context of arguing for a change in the Junior Doctor’s contract, to enable a “7-day NHS”.

It has always been speculated that the statistics he used must have been taken from an article (authored by Sir Bruce Keogh, Nick Freemantle, Domenico Pagano and several others) for the British Medical Journal into the association between the day of hospital admission and mortality, prior to…

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Petition update · Sanctions Update – Change at the DWP? · Gill Thompson

Britain Isn't Eating

The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan-Smith sensationally quit the Cabinet. In his closing speech he said, “I am incredibly proud of the welfare reforms undertaken…. and truly believe that we have made changes that will greatly improve things…. He went on to state however that the latest changes to benefits for the disabled were “a compromise too far”. Has he suddenly developed a conscience on something which he has presided over for the last 6 years? We know the UN is investigating the British Government on human rights abuses caused by Duncan-Smith’s welfare “reforms”. Duncan-Smith just before his resignation said: “75% of all those who have been sanctioned claimed it helped them focus and get on”. This statement led to him being reported to the Official Statistics Watchdog. For more detail please see links below: Now what? – The government will continue with ongoing benefit cuts…

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#CutOsborne: suspected terrorists @Dis_PPL_Protest occupy Parliament!

Mutterings from the Left

In an age of “freedom of information”, news on constant overload and access to people, places and procedures never-before seen, you’d be forgiven for thinking that hooking yourself up to Twitter or 24/7 news, Matrix-style, would suffice to understand the world we live in.

You would be sorely mistaken – or at least I was.

Last Wednesday, in Parliament, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC) staged an occupation of Central Lobby, against the on-going decimation of the Welfare State by the previous and current Governments. I’ve supported DPAC since I started using Twitter and have always been overwhelmed by their resilience and use of effective, inventive direct action – which trade unions could (and need) to learn a lot from.

However, this was the first time I had witnessed it “in the flesh”, if you like, and it was a truly remarkable and pellucid experience – for numerous reasons.

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Child Sex Abuse Justice: Premier League or Eton Mess?

David Hencke

Adfam Johnson pic credit BBC Sunderland player Adam Johnson; Pic Credit: BBC

ANdrew Boeckman (1) Andrew ” Picard ” using his father’s surname in an US swimming competition. Picture by I & M Galleries. Photographer: Nicole Harnishfeger


Two very high profile cases  involving child sexual abuse have recently hit the headlines. One involved the Premier League footballer Adam Johnson, capped 12 times for England. The other involved Andrew Picard ( who used his mother’s name rather than his father’s surname), an Old Etonian from a wealthy , well connected family.

Adam Johnson was given a six year prison sentence for grooming  and sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl, a Sunderland fan besotted with him.

As the BBC reported Judge Jonathan Rose told him he had abused a position of trust and caused his victim “severe psychological harm”. He told Johnson, 28, he had engaged in sexual activity with her knowing she was under 16. Police…

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