BREAKING: The Conservative Party.


The Conservative party is in meltdown. On Friday (18th March 2016) Iain Duncan Smith resigned from the cabinet. Duncan Smith cited as his reason for his resignation that the disability cuts were defensible in narrow terms of deficit reduction but not in the way they were placed in a budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers.  IDS had come to regret that he had agreed even to contemplate cuts in the disability benefit. That explains the otherwise strange line in his letter that they were a compromise too far.


I was at a my local constituency Labour party meeting, someone checked their smart-phone, and broke the news to the room. Satire died. Iain Duncan Smith resigning over the harshness of welfare cuts (the cuts to Personal Independence Payment (PIP) essentially taking over the next four years in the region of £4.4bn which would see 370,000 disabled people lose an average of…

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