Appeal Court Rejects Challenge In Poundland Case

Britain Isn't Eating

The government has lost the latest round of its legal battle to stop thousands of jobseekers clawing back £130m in benefits.

Source: Appeal Court Rejects Challenge In Poundland Case

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IDS didn’t resign over disability cuts

Homeless charity blocks money donated by the public to homeless hero

Pride's Purge


Remember the story a couple of months ago about a homeless man – Mark Collins – who helped a desperate young woman when she was stranded in Euston over­night after missing the last train home:

Homeless man steps in to help girl left stranded after missing her train home

It was a such a touching story, thousands of people donated money – £13,000 to be exact – to help Mark get back on his feet.

But amazingly, Mark still hasn’t seen any of the money yet.

Mainly because a homeless charity working in the area – Safer Streets – recommended the money should be withheld from Mark and given to a homeless charity like themselves instead. On the basis that:

“Giving large amounts of money directly to someone with support needs could have been harmful”.

Safer Streets is a project run by a charity called Change, Grow, Live. Which until recently was called Crime Reduction…

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Clarity Erosion

Declaration Of Opinion

Close your eyes
Shut it out
It’s over for now

Feelings crowd in
Your mind it freezes
Thinking slows
Never easy

Whatever next
Emotions expressed
Can’t repress
Interpret the rest

Inner mind
Deep inside
Try to find
A clear sign

Thoughts explode
Time erodes
The past exposed
To all who know.

Mark Catlin
April 2016

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Not Alone

Declaration Of Opinion

Everyday I try to silence the battlefield roaring in my mind
Any thoughts of positivity so very hard to find.
And when the pain it takes me to the panic on some days
I imagine it all ending-everything just cleaned away.
Well hope it spurs me on now,
I fight! the war goes on,
There’s good people in the world who’ll understand the words of my song.
So to all I say Solidarity!,
I know I’m not alone,
You should remember what I’ve said–
You are also not alone.

Mark Catlin– August 2014

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A tainted and improper appointment by Nicky Morgan

David Hencke


On the day  of the Hillsborough  disaster verdict Nicky Morgan,  education secretary  with a sideshow job as women and equalities minister, slipped out that she had appointed a new chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

On the scale of wrong decision making this probably trumps her plan to force all schools to become academies,describe budget cuts as a consultation exercise and avoiding live TV coverage of her remarks on child sex abuse  at a conference in her Loughborough constituency last year. I will explain why.

The appointment of David Isaac, a millionaire lawyer and equity partner at the global law firm, Pinsent Masons, has been highly controversial.

The two chairs of the Joint Committee of Human Rights and the Women and Equalities Committee –  Labour’s Harriet Harman and the Conservative’s Maria Miller – were unable to confirm the appointment because of perceived conflict of interest…

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