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Busted: The 24 Tories and how they ‘broke General Election spending rules’
23:01, 29 FEB 2016 UPDATED 01:32, 1 MAR 2016
The Mirror has found invoices indicating the battle bus cost was more than £2,000 a day, including pay and expenses for volunteers and promotion costs

A Mirror investigation reveals how 24 Tory MPs failed to declare thousands of pounds spent on their election campaigns in marginal seats.

None of the MPs we name below declared the party’s controversial RoadTrip battlebuses in local budgets, with Tory HQ picking up the tab instead.

If the estimated £2,000 cost of the bus had been included locally, some of the MPs could have breached strict spending limits.

Five Tory RoadTrip battlebuses crossed the country to help handpicked candidates in the final stages of last year’s election campaign, with head office picking up the tab.

The total cost of this campaign…

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