Advice from a mighty misfit mama.

You've gotta have Gumption....

So this morning I had a parenting boomerang thrown at me. My 15 year old daughter did something I thought I had covered, that I had rammed into her from the point she initially joined the world of social media. It caught me off guard, and once again I was left floundering around, and panicking.

I’ll let you into a secret.

I have no ideawhat I am doing. Literally no idea.

I look at these four kids of mine, almost 17, 15, 10 and 4, and think to myself ‘who the hell put me in charge of this lot, who on earth thought I could do this!?’. Inside I often feel like a child myself; surely I’m not old enough or responsible enough to have a kid that can drive as of three weeks time?

The most important lesson I think any new parent can learn, is that everyone…

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