Request For Evidence – PIP: Mobility Criterion

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Request For Evidence – PIP: Mobility Criterion

anyone who can walk less then 50 metres and who has lost their PIP, please get in touch with Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE . Get full details including an email address to send your story by clicking this link 

Source: Request For Evidence – PIP: Mobility Criterion

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Request For Evidence – PIP: Mobility Criterion

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8a26960ab68d6c169049cd0b22475a12On May 4, there was a debate in the House of Lords about discussions with Disability Rights UK and the Disability Benefits Consortium on identifying a mobility criterion in the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment framework, which was led by Liberal Democrat Baroness Thomas.

Baroness Thomas of Winchestertabled a Motion to resolve in the House of Lords: 

“That this House calls on Her Majesty’s Government to hold urgent talks with Disability Rights UK and the Disability Benefits Consortium to identify a mobility criterion in the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) “moving around” assessment which is fairer than the current 20 metre distance, in the light of the impact on reassessed disabled claimants and the resulting large number of successful appeals.”

She said: Tabling a Motion is an unusual course to take, but I assure the House that there is nothing fatal about it. However, if it were to…

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Shades Of The Workhouse, Lord Fraud Hints At Mandatory Jobs Training In Hostels And Women’s Refuges

the void

lord-fraud-freud1People fleeing domestic violence, care leavers and those who are homeless could be required to take part in ’employability courses’ as a condition of accessing supported housing Lord Fraud has hinted today.

The Minister for Welfare Reform was giving a speech to the Chartered Institute of Housing discussing upcoming changes to funding for the supported housing sector.  George Osborne has previously announced that the upcoming Benefit Cap will apply to those living in supported housing, meaning Housing Benefit payments will be slashed.  Currently this benefit is used to fund the additional costs of providing this kind of accommodation such as staff and security costs.  Homelessness charities have warned that almost half a million homes could be at risk when the cap on these payments is introduced.

In response the DWP have agreed to postpone the cap for one year whilst a review of supported housing funding is carried out.  And…

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Man who had benefits stopped illegally gets DWP refund – and now others could make a claim

Benefit tales

A man whose benefits were stopped illegally by the DWP is to get a refund – three years later

A man whose benefits were stopped illegally by the Department of Work and Pensions has won a refund – three years later.

The case could trigger a flood of similar claims.

Simon Milne received a letter from the DWP in November saying it had not given him a fair chance to respond to allegations about his work-search record.

The letter said: “A check of our records indicates that we may not have given you formal written notification of this decision. A formal letter would also have given you information about the steps you could take to appeal.”

Simon contacted the Salford Unemployed Resource Centre in Eccles after getting the letter.

Now a judge has ruled he should get a refund for the benefits that were sanctioned illegally in 2012.

Kester Dean…

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#CorbynStays Four Articles In Support Of Corbyn That Everyone Should Consider

Declaration Of Opinion

There’s four articles here I’ve selected for people to read and consider, even those who don’t support Jeremy Corbyn and those who supported him and now find their support wavering. I suppose what I’m asking people to do is look a little deeper, remember that politics is a dirty business and nothing is what it first appears. Also those “moderates” are following a very obvious pattern, repeating the same lines, giving the public soundbites to latch onto. Their sincerity very carefully stage-managed for the media and in-turn the public.
Also – how can anyone say with a straight face that they’ve given Jeremy Corbyn a chance to prove himself, there’s been nothing but hostility from inside The Labour Party since before he was elected, the media have been merciless in their criticisms obviously briefed from within the party. Maybe those voters who say they support the party but not Corbyn…

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Stop these nasty attacks on people living here now

David Hencke

Manchester tram attack Racist abuse on a Manchester tram this week Pic


During both the first and second world wars my family came under  suspicion and attack from people because our family name Hencke is German. At one stage we even considered changing it or  Anglicising it  to something like Henkey.

The reason was that we were  at war with Germany and although our family left Germany via Holland in 1862 and we were virulently  anti Nazi ( my mother is Jewish after all) the hatred of the foreigner was very high at this time.

Since the Brexit campaign there has been an upsurge in nasty, vicious attacks on EU people staying and working here and racist attacks against ethnic minorities which we have not seen  for some time.

Frankly I blame  Nigel Farage, UKIP and both Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for giving respectability and legitimacy to people who…

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DPAC Call On Corbyn NOT To Resign

Same Difference

A message from DPAC. Please share widely.

DPAC and disabled people have had unstinting support from Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell. Both have spoken out and voted against every horror the Tories have imposed on disabled people. So when we had a message from John McDonnell we knew we’d pass it on to you.

“please send out to all DPAC members and supporters urging them to support Jeremy if there is a leadership election, we will need Labour Party members to vote for Jeremy if they are not members we will urge them to join ”

See Corbyn’s statement issued after the ‘no confidence’ vote

“In the aftermath of last week’s referendum, our country faces major challenges. Risks to the economy and living standards are growing. The public is divided.

“The Government is in disarray. Ministers have made it clear they have no exit plan, but are determined to make…

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