Love beats hate

You've gotta have Gumption....

I have always been someone who feels empathy; I struggle to hide or control my emotions, and don’t generally see this as a negative thing. I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve- if I’m sad you will see it in my eyes, and I’ve been told my joy is infectious.

It baffles me when I come up against people that are so different, seemingly so full of hatred and negativity. Anger is always a fleeting emotion for me, and I have never willingly held onto a negative feeling for more than the value it brings to me.

But it has its place.

My therapist told me recently to get mad, really mad, telling me that to feel true anger is an essential part of the grieving process. It helps us to move forward in the same way that sorrow and utter hopelessness do. Don’t fight it, he said.


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