#CorbynStays Four Articles In Support Of Corbyn That Everyone Should Consider

Declaration Of Opinion

There’s four articles here I’ve selected for people to read and consider, even those who don’t support Jeremy Corbyn and those who supported him and now find their support wavering. I suppose what I’m asking people to do is look a little deeper, remember that politics is a dirty business and nothing is what it first appears. Also those “moderates” are following a very obvious pattern, repeating the same lines, giving the public soundbites to latch onto. Their sincerity very carefully stage-managed for the media and in-turn the public.
Also – how can anyone say with a straight face that they’ve given Jeremy Corbyn a chance to prove himself, there’s been nothing but hostility from inside The Labour Party since before he was elected, the media have been merciless in their criticisms obviously briefed from within the party. Maybe those voters who say they support the party but not Corbyn…

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