Disability Wales Says The Effects Of PIP Are Devastating

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Disability Wales says the UK government’s Personal Independence Payment scheme is having a devastating effect on those with disabilities.

The not for profit organisation says it is receiving pleas of help from disabled people from around Wales who say that under the new Personal Independent Payments, they are losing out financially and facing hardship.

Recipients of PIP are assessed using a points system to determine what level of help they receive -claiming between £21.80 and £139.75 per week.

Neil Fabbeni has severe sight problems, and says he will lose around £500 a month from the change.

It’s putting a lot of stress on me, because I’m wondering how I’m going to manage if for some reason I don’t get PIP awarded after going through the reconsideration and the appeal.

I think my health is suffering already because I’m not sleeping, I’m worrying basically everyday of the week as to what…

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