A Horrible Experience On A DWP Home Visit For PIP Form Support

Same Difference

This was recently left as a comment on Fightback’s facebook page.

We had a horrible experience with some one from the DWP who came to my home to help fill in PIP form ,,,he was just awful ,,,called me a liar when i told he he was filling the forms in wrong ,,,when i said that you have to be able to do things reliably ,safely and in a timely manor ,,,he said that was not true ,,,he did not have a clue what he was doing ,,,crossed out that my son did not have a support worker ,when his support worker was sitting right next to him ,,,he really was awful ,,,in every section of the form he put a line through as not applicable ,even when my sons support worker said it was ,,,i think he managed to write about 3 line through out the whole PIP form…

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