Virtual Abolition Of Benefits Appeal Tribunals As We Know Them

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With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The government is poised to bring an end to the shaming success rates at benefits appeals, but they will do so by nobbling the appeals system rather than by improving decision making.

In the future many more appeals will be “on the papers” where success rates are drastically lower, hearings that do take place will be on the phone or via Skype type links and most appeals will be decided by a solicitor (often retired) sitting alone, without a medical wing member or a disability wing member.

Shaming appeal success rates
The introduction of the mandatory reconsideration before appeal system was intended to bring appeal success rates for claimants crashing down to earth. In fact, whilst it has drastically reduced the number of claimants who lodge an appeal, success rates remain sky high.

Only this month the Scottish government, responding to the second…

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One thought on “Virtual Abolition Of Benefits Appeal Tribunals As We Know Them

  1. The nasty party strikes again Just what is their problem with the sick and disabled ? the ESA and PIP budget makes up a small chunk of the welfare budget anyway when you compare to in work benefits that subsidise greedy employers that pay low/slave wages and benefits such as winter fuel payments that are paid to the elites

    Maybe if the WCA test was fair/ fit for purpose and carried out by HCP who don’t lie as part of their job description and the DWP decision makers didn’t treat the Mandatory reconsideration Hoop as no more than a tick box exercise then there wouldn’t be as many tribunals heard ,

    But the Tories are too dumb to realise that, so to continue with their persecution of the sick and disabled what do they do, try to close down the only thing that was nearer to being fair than the rest of the processes ,
    The tribunals service or some of those judges and HCP many who no longer practice and are retired , and a minority who allegedly had previously worked for ATOS carrying out the corrupt WCA
    So some of them have their own hidden agenda’s as a result the tribunal aren’t as independent as they would have people believe, I have at failed tribunal hearings but that doesn’t mean that i am cured ,

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