Psychological warfare.

Dimensionally challenged

The mind is vital to our survival.It keeps us thinking,questioning,feeling,striving for better,hoping…

So,any attempts via external influences to infiltrate our most personal part of us,our self,our ego,is most certainly an act of warfare.Any source that seeks to make us feel threatened,fearful,oppressed is committing an act of terrorism.And it is happening every single day.

Threats of war,warnings of terror attacks,poverty and eradication of vital support mechanisms are constantly being used as a means to control us,to keep us subdued and compliant. This is an underhanded case of psychological warfare.A defeated populace is an easily manipulated one.

The true terrorists are the ones who are spoon feeding the masses a constant stream of propaganda,creating false flag attacks,inciting wars.

The true terrorists are your own governments.

They are deliberately keeping you in fear,impoverished and anxious.They are guilty of one of the most inhumane kind of abuse…the abuse of your minds.

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