American corporate ‘racketeers’ influencing UK welfare ‘reforms’.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Image result for demolition of welfare stateUS Racketeers and Tories Plan to Smash Our Welfare State.

There are a number of sources for serious news about Social Security and Welfare.

Amongst those posting here, there’s Enigma, Doug, Ken, Marie,  and too many others to list.

There’s the Guardian, the Independent, and the Daily Mirror, not to mention specialist journals.

Welfare News has some of the best original articles and collects news from all over.

This really struck me yesterday.

It confirms what many people here have said, and just how serious the attempt to hand over welfare to organised thieving  is.

BBC News reports exposing how a US firm were influencing UK welfare reforms were inexplicably removed from their archives.

In November 2007, BBC News exposed the influence of Unum Insurance with the welfare reforms, and now the UK is perilously close to adopting private healthcare insurance to fund welfare as the Welfare State is demolished.

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~ GallyBloggers ~


~ Small Drama ~ By ~ Kuebiko ~


Linger longer.

Stare if you dare.

Be fair if you care at all

About small drama.


In the cheaper seats

At the back of the crowd

A small gathering face me.

I am a curiosity to them.

They hate me.

Loathe me.

Love me.

Their eyes pity me with silent parlance

But turn from tipping pittance in my cap.

Why do they do that?

Appreciate the show but never throw roses?


Spare one moment of your time please sir?

Share my company of players.

It’s a solo act.

An on-going soliloquy.

Stay for the play be stirred.

Pay for the theatre be consumed

Pray for the beggar be addicted.


Or just critique the whole damn show.

What do I care?

I’m here all week.

Playing the same part anyway.


Art composition by Dewin Nefol:


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Cashflow problems? That’s not what brings people to my food bank, Dominic Raab : The Guardian


If the former justice minister visited us at Coventry Foodbank, he would see the people left desperate after falling through the cracks in the system.

When I heard Dominic Raab say that studying Trussell Trust food bank data had made it clear to him that “the typical user of food banks is not someone who is languishing in poverty, it’s someone who has a cashflow problem episodically”, I immediately thought of Andrew.

I met Andrew a couple of years ago, when I was delivering a food bank parcel to his flat because he was too ill to come to the centre. Within the first two minutes I spent talking to him, it became clear he was struggling with multiple mental health issues and needed extra support. Instead he had fallen through the cracks in the system and his benefit payments had been stopped for six months. He couldn’t afford…

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Disabled voters grill candidates: ‘Is a nappy a suitable substitute for a night-time carer?’ : i News


The Minister for Disabilities was asked in front of an audience to comment in one word – yes or no – on whether she thought it was acceptable that a wheelchair user had had their overnight care axed and that a nappy had been deemed a suitable substitute for human assistance. The Conservative minister Penny Mordaunt was grilled on Tuesday by people with disabilities and campaigners. She was joined by her Labour counterpart, Kate Green, and the president of the Liberal Democrats, Baroness Sal Brinton, the first wheelchair user to head a major UK political party.
The trio fielded questions at the UK’s National Disability Hustings, organised to give disabled voters a rare opportunity to speak to the major parties about the issues that affect them. Abandoned and let down Hosted by some of the country’s biggest disability charities, including Mencap, Scope and Mind, the event offered some of the…

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May loves #NaylorReport. EVERYONE must see/share (video) #GE17 #NHS


The SKWAWKBOX has been inundated over the last couple of days by people sending the link to a video, with messages to the effect of ‘you must do something with this’.

Having watched it, they’re absolutely right.

During her TV interview with Andrew Neil last week, Theresa May repeated her usual nonsense ad nauseam, but when asked about Tory plans for the NHS, she only talked about The Naylor Report.

may naylor.pngMay admits that implementing the Naylor Report will cost ten billion pounds – but she makes it sound like this is additional government investment in the NHS.

It is not – it’s £10bn of our money that Mrs May intends to spend on ‘accelerating’ a ‘BOGOF’ two-for-one fire sale of NHS buildings and land to private developers at knock-down prices. The plan will also charge hospital trusts millions if they don’t want to sell.

And – so far…

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