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PM Theresa May is gaining a reputation in the 2017 General Election for not wanting to talk to anyone except Tory activists……

19th April – BOLTON – Theresa May has had a disastrous start to her election campaign. Her first stop today in Bolton left locals somewhat unimpressed after the Prime Minister chose to make her entrance by dropping into a golf club by helicopter. Click Here

28th April – LEEDS – The prime minister spoke to around 150 cheering Tory activists gathered at Shine Click Here

1st May – ABERDEENSHIRE – Theresa May is facing fresh accusations of “hiding” from voters after a campaign event held in Scotland was publicly listed as a children’s birthday party. Click here

2nd May – CORNWALL – Local news reporters claim they were locked in a room by Theresa May’s press officers as the Prime Minister toured a factory during an election campaign visit. Cornwall Live claimed its reporter…

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