Exposing Amber Rudd’s lamentable gibberish about cyber security : Another Angry Voice


In the wake of the WannaCry ransomware attack on the NHS, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd gave a number of excruciating interviews in which she talked a load of lamentable rubbish.

The mainstream media simply haven’t Tories to account. Rather than focusing on the astounding negligence that allowed such a big attack to happen, much of the mainstream media have been passing the story off as a “one of those things” type of event, and refusing to subject the nonsense Amber Rudd was spouting to critical scrutiny.

Where’s Jeremy?

Before we get to dissecting the absolute crap Amber Rudd was talking about the NHS ransomware attack, it’s worth asking why she was wheeled out to talk about it rather than the actual health minister Jeremy Hunt. Presumably Hunt was hiding because he’s even more IT illiterate than the Amber Rudd, which is a terrifying thought given how much contemptible rubbish…

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