If “work is the best route out of poverty” why are so many poor people in work? : Another Angry Voice


During her ITV Leaders Live appearance Theresa May smugly asserted that she thinks “work is the best route out of poverty”, which is an expression of the Tory myth of natural economic justice.

“If you work really hard at digging coal then maybe one day you could end up owning the coal mine” they’d say back in the 19th Century. And if the coal miner stayed in desperate poverty, it was obviously nothing to do with his boss paying pitiful subsistence wages so he could keep as much of the wealth as possible for himself, so as to live in a vast mansion with dozens of servants. No! It was because the lazy coal miner didn’t dig coal hard enough.

In modern Britain the myth of natural economic justice is pretty much exactly the same:

You’re not struggling to make ends meet because the Tories have been repressing…

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