David Dimbleby says Jeremy Corbyn has not had a ‘fair deal’ from the press : i News


Veteran BBC host David Dimbleby has blasted the “lazy pessimism” of the media’s election coverage, and said Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has not had a “fair deal” from the press. The 78-year-old chair of Question Time, who will host the BBC’s election night coverage, said Mr Corbyn has “a lot of support in the country”, and given the “political somersaults” of recent years it would be a mistake to count Labour out. ‘A right-wing press’ “It’s a very odd election,” said Mr Dimbleby, speaking to the Radio Times. “If the Conservative story is how Theresa May is the ‘brand leader’, the interesting thing is that a lot of Labour supporters really like and believe in the messages that Jeremy Corbyn is bringing across. Jeremy Corbyn has long complained of media bias (Photo: PA) “It’s not his MPs in the House of Commons necessarily, but there is a lot of support in…

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