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~ Small Drama ~ By ~ Kuebiko ~


Linger longer.

Stare if you dare.

Be fair if you care at all

About small drama.


In the cheaper seats

At the back of the crowd

A small gathering face me.

I am a curiosity to them.

They hate me.

Loathe me.

Love me.

Their eyes pity me with silent parlance

But turn from tipping pittance in my cap.

Why do they do that?

Appreciate the show but never throw roses?


Spare one moment of your time please sir?

Share my company of players.

It’s a solo act.

An on-going soliloquy.

Stay for the play be stirred.

Pay for the theatre be consumed

Pray for the beggar be addicted.


Or just critique the whole damn show.

What do I care?

I’m here all week.

Playing the same part anyway.


Art composition by Dewin Nefol:


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One thought on “SMALL DRAMA

  1. Hey Mili68,

    My personal thanks for your kindness in reblogging and sharing a little of our work at Gallbloggers. I am most grateful for all shows of support, as I know all at Raven’s 12 are as well. We have left the following comment at Gallybloggers – ~ in reply to your generosity. Sincerely, thank you.

    I wish you well and send blessings and Love your way. Please take care in all ways for always and always. God bless.

    Namaste 🙂


    Hey Mili68,

    Welcome to Gallybloggers and the home of Raven’s 12. It is a delight to receive your both your company and your support, and to have you share our wares so generously. We are most grateful for your encouragement and sincerely hope your kindness and our poetry will be well received by those who read your Tweets and your Blog.

    There is growing concern amongst us all here at Raven’s 12 regarding the increasing numbers of Homeless people throughout the UK. We witness all too often the tragedy of suffering that exists in our towns and cities and daily we hear so many stories from those whose lives are lived on the absolute margins of existence: those whose government and UK Social Security let-down or fail miserable to support. What is happening within our communities is wholly reprehensible, it is morally and ethically wrong.

    We ask just one question of those who conjure up policy and that is to demand to know exactly who decides ‘what is fair?’ Who makes that judgement and how do they arrive at their decision when as multi-millionaires they are so far removed from the reality of Homelessness that they really don’t have much understanding at all, but feel readily able to decide and dictate terms. We wonder if their spurious decisions are justified by their godless god of money, because certainly their decisions are not justified by God in the way we understand God.

    Raven’s 12 hope and pray for unprecedented non-violent change to occur and for that to happen it must be the people who step-up to the plate and seek to have returned to them their uncompromised human rights that have been slowly eroded by governments and authorities alike. It is time for society to advance and for civilization to progress rather than stagnate at the hands of greed and self-interest.

    We thank you again Mili68 for your support and encouragement and welcome you here whenever you wish to visit.

    Wishing you brightest blessings and sincere best wishes in all ways always. Take care friend of Raven’s 12.


    DN and Raven’s 12


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