Britain’s schools are already on their knees. Now they’re going to be gutted : The Guardian


Only under a Tory government could cold classrooms and empty bookshelves be normalised – and yet schools are facing an 8% real-terms cut by 2019-20.

Less than six miles from Downing Street and the office Theresa May is seeking to return to, primary school children have to clean their own classrooms. This week it was reported that pupils in the London borough of Wandsworth are now vacuuming at the end of the day because their school is so underfunded that it can’t afford to replace its cleaner, a story that illustrates not only the horror of today’s austerity but is a warning sign for the future. While the NHS takes the strain and local services crumble, schools are the next public service to be gutted.

The National Audit Office calculates that by 2019-20, the education system will face cuts of 8% in real terms. That amounts to about…

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