Fear and loathing in Great Britain


Voting Conservative is like voting for the school bully, that while he (or she) is ragging someone else, your arse is safe, but really you’re just sweating, hoping to stay under his radar for another day.

And, of course, part of appeasing the bully is picking on his victims, currying favour through emulating his actions. Flattery, you hope, will get you everywhere.

The ultimate act of a coward is to betray the weak, and bullies and their sycophants always attack the weak.

But that flat eyed hatred you see in his eyes is the mark of the xenophobe, who is grand in his own eyes through causing abject misery to others.

He doesn’t care about you. His cunning is such that he knows you are ruled by fear, he knows that he is the leader of cowards, he knows that he can turn on you or any one of his…

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