Has Britain Completely lost the plot over nuclear weapons? : Another Angry Voice


Do you remember a few weeks ago when the Tory Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said that a Tory government led by Theresa May would launch a first-strike nuclear attack, and this was largely accepted as if actually launching Mutually Assured Destruction is a perfectly sensible policy and not concerning at all.

Then in an BBC Question Time election special Jeremy Corbyn said he wouldn’t cause nuclear Armageddon by launching a first-strike nuclear attack and he actually got rounded on by the audience!

The guy who asked the question about nuclear weapons even described Corbyn’s carefully explained no first-strike policy as “deeply concerning”!

Surely in a sane country people would be tearing strips off Theresa May for saying she would actually trigger an unimaginably catastrophic nuclear winter with a yes first strike policy?

But no!

In Bonkers Brexit Britain Jeremy Corbyn gets rounded on for explaining his no first…

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