If Jeremy Corbyn won’t nuke the world then I won’t vote for him. It’s simply a question of manners.

A New Place Of Exile

If Jeremy Corbyn loses this general election because he isn’t willing to initiate a nuclear holocaust, then he has only himself to blame. A bit of radioactive fallout never did anyone any harm. I mean, we’ve paid for Trident – we may as well use it. It would be a complete waste of perfectly good taxpayer’s money if we didn’t incinerate millions of people, and render the planet uninhabitable.

If Britain is not reduced to an irradiated wasteland, then would it really be a country worth living in? I would wager not. All of the previous nuclear wars which have kept Britons safe over the centuries serve as a clear precedent here. In fact, prevarications on this sort of thing lead straight to moral laxity – just the kind I had to call the police about recently; because some juvenile delinquents in the local neighbourhood were setting-off fireworks late in the evening…

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