REWARD OUR PUBLIC HEROES: Callous Tories will CUT last night’s first responders : Evolve Politics


As the country reels in the face of yet another abhorrent terror tragedy, the British public today both mourn and condemn last night’s tragic events in London.

The UK emergency services are heroes to whom we all owe our lives; the swift actions of the police, paramedics, and NHS undoubtedly prevented further tragedy in the London Bridge area. These people regularly work exhausting long shifts saving lives while on declining, frozen salaries, and in poor working conditions. Yet the government rewards them by treating them with utter contempt: with Theresa May as Home Secretary, police budgets were slashed by £332million, leaving Britain the smallest police force in 40 years. Nurses’ salaries have seen a 1% increase since 2010, while hospital funding cuts have cost thousands of lives in overstretched hospitals. With another Tory government, we can anticipate further devastating cuts to our public heroes, as May sneers in the face…

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