Tory candidate: ‘I’m really pleased we have food banks’ : Welfare Weekly


Tory candidate Sheryll Murray sparked outrage after declaring she was “really pleased we have food banks”, at a hustings event.

Tory candidate Sheryll Murray has sparked public outrage after declaring she was “pleased we have food banks” at a hustings event, then threatened to call police on an audience member who challenged her views.

Sheryll Murray is standing for the Conservatives as a member of parliament for South East Cornwall. She has been an MP at Westminster since the 2010 general election.

Rules mean she can no longer call herself an MP after the Prime Minister called a snap general election.

A video filmed by an audience member at the hustings (see below) shows the Tory hopeful saying: “If, say for instance, someone has no house. Or if their financial situation has changed while they were going through the [benefit] assessment, and their benefit is delayed, then they need to…

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