JON SNOW CALLS OUT THERESA MAY: her fragile and robotic performance deserves to be the final nail [FULL INTERVIEW] : Evolve Politics


On the final day of canvassing before the general election tomorrow, Jon Snow – the much beloved political correspondent of Channel 4 – called out Theresa May publicly on Twitter. The Prime Minister had refused his request to interview her, and was the first in Snow’s career to do so:

People were appalled. Rightly so. Even for a Prime Minister who’s dodged the press… threatened internet freedoms… dabbled in back room deals with the overlords of Tabloid Britain… refused to debate or face other political leaders… even for Kim Jong May, this seemed a step too far.

So as with everything else she does, she u-turned. She gave Snow the interview at the eleventh hour.

In fairness, we should probably applaud our mighty overlord for making herself in the least bit accountable… but still, another u-turn is another u-turn. And good on Channel 4 and/or Jon Snow for calling her out.

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