Theresa May is so out of step with public opinion she promoted Dominic Raab! : Another Angry Voice


Theresa May is so spectacularly out of step with public opinion that she’s promoted Dominic Raab, who notoriously described a desperate appeal to treat disabled people with dignity as a “childish wish list”.

Quite aside from the fact that he was willing to casually dismiss the suffering and death of tens of thousands of disabled people with such a glib platitude, there’s also the outrageous fact that the Tory Work Capacity Assessment regime actually costs far more in corporate outsourcing fees to administer than it saves in reduced benefits payments.

The fact that this degrading, dehumanising and discriminatory process costs far more to administer than it will ever actually save the taxpayer is absolute evidence of Tory barbarity.

This fact also means that Raab’s “childish wish list” defence doesn’t even make sense.

If Raab actually cared about saving money then he’d obviously argue to scrap the WCA regime…

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