Refurbishment firm dodged millions in tax : Morning Star


ONE of the firms which carried out refurbishment work on Grenfell Tower has dodged millions of pounds in tax, it was revealed yesterday.

Companies House documents show that Harley Wall Ltd, which undertook some of the cladding work on the outside of the tower block in May last year, stashed away nearly £2.5 million in tax avoidance schemes before going bust in August.

This included £981,000 being put into an “employment benefit trust,” and £1.5m into a “business benefit trust.”

Concerns have been widely raised about the fire risk posed by the cladding used by Harley Facades Limited — which owned Harley Wall Ltd — and contractor Rydon, when they refurbished Grenfell.

This includes a parliamentary report from 2000, released after a deadly fire in a tower block in south London, which said that cladding should be fireproof.

Harley Facades managing director Ray Bailey said: “At this time, we are…

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