The extreme-right are blaming anyone but those who are actually responsible : Another Angry Voice


Imagine the kind of mentality of a person who would look at a disaster like the Grenfell tower fire and immediately set about using it to promote their own anti-EU or anti-immigrant agenda and you’ve got a glimpse into the mindset of the depraved hacks who work for Britain’s gutter press.

“Did EU regulation mean deadly cladding was used on Grenfell Tower” blared the Daily Express in a sick effort to turn the blame away from those responsible for this blatantly avoidable tragedy and onto the EU.

The briefest look at the EU energy efficiency regulation in question reveals that the rules should not override other existing building rules such as accessibility, safety and intended use of the building.

Additionally the law in question (here) doesn’t even mention external cladding of buildings, and the flammable cladding in question is outright banned in Germany (an EU state).

Given that…

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