Video: Guido fake news (again) on Corbyn’s #QueensSpeech bow


guido fakeThe Guido Fawkes blog is rather keen on flinging around accusations of ‘fake news’. However, rather like a monkey flinging its own droppings, Fawkes is usually the source , readily stooping to deliberate misinterpretation to smear.

The SKWAWKBOX has been the target on more than one occasion, with Fawkes ignoring what’s actually written in its eagerness to accuse – but then, it’s already shown more than a little envy of this blog’s recent profile, so the motivations are not exactly opaque.

Today, the target was Jeremy Corbyn – and the fake-news cack was an accusation that Corbyn failed to bow to the Queen during the ceremony for today’s ‘Queen’s Speech’ opening of Parliament:

fawkes fake bowIt’s true that Corbyn didn’t bow. It’s wholesale fake news to claim he ‘refused’.

As the Huffington Post observed, Corbyn followed exactly the protocol he was supposed to – and Theresa May got it wrong:

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