‘Tory attitudes to social housing’ killed hundreds at Grenfell – Diane Abbott : Express.


SHADOW Secretary Diane Abbott has claimed hundreds of people died in the Grenfell Tower fire “as a direct consequence” of Conservative attitudes towards social housing.

The current death toll is currently at 79, but the Labour MP said she expected it to be well above what has so far confirmed by the authorities.

Ms Abbott said: ”Grenfell House (sic) is not just an accident; Grenfell House is not just an unfortunate incident.

“Those hundreds of people that died is a direct consequence of Tory attitudes in social housing.”

The Labour MP claimed the Conservatives see people in social housing as “second-class citizens” and are offering them “second-class standards of safety”.

She said: “I think we are going to find that the numbers of people that have died will be in triple figures, just because it’s a 23-storey (sic) block.”

The fire tore through the tower block in Kensington, west

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