Wales demands £1.7billion after Theresa May gives ‘bung’ to Northern Ireland in DUP deal : Express.


WALES and Scotland have reacted with fury to £1billion DUP deal with the Conservatives, ordering Theresa May to hand them the same payout.

Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster agreed to prop up Theresa May’s minority Government this morning in exchange for the eye-watering sum.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones, of the Labour Party, described the cash injection as “bung” which flew in the face of Government commitments to fair funding for the nations and regions.

Plaid Cymru said Wales should receive about £1.7 billion to match the cash being handed over in addition to devolved funds handed out under the Barnett formula.

The Welsh Government put the figure at £1.67 billion over the course of the Parliament.

Mr Jones said: “Today’s deal represents a straight bung to keep a weak Prime Minister and a faltering Government in office.

“This is a short-term fix which will have far-reaching and destabilising…

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