Catherine Faulks’ ‘Extraordinary’ BBC Radio 4 Interview On Grenfell Tower Leads To Calls For Her To Resign : Huffington Post.


‘Digging herself into her own resignation’.

There were calls for a Tory councillor to resign on Saturday after she called rent being deducted from a Grenfell Tower resident a “tiny thing” in an interview that left listeners reeling over her “unbelievable arrogance”.

Catherine Faulks appeared on the Radio 4′s Today programme where she responded to claims from Yvette Williams, coordinator of Justice4Grenfell, who said one resident had recently obtained a new bank card following the June 14 blaze only to find rent was still being taken from her account.

Faulks called the deduction a “tiny thing” before backtracking somewhat to say that Kensington and Chelsea Council had provided affected residents with social workers to deal with such matters.

Hannah Mckay / Reuters
Tory councillor Catherine Faulks sparked outrage on Saturday by dismissing the revelation that a Grenfell Tower resident was still being charged rent

Responding to Williams’ revelation, the councillor…

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