Theresa May Tells Nurses They Are Lucky To Have A Job As She REFUSES To Lift 1% Pay Cap


Today, on the 69th birthday of our National Health Service (NHS) the Prime Minister Theresa May took aim at frontline nurses in her responses to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister’s Questions.

In response to Jeremy Corbyn’s questioning Theresa May praised the pay cap, citing issues with the Greek economy and the job losses in their health professions. A polite way of telling nurses that they should shut up, put up, and be grateful to be employed. This sentiment was echoed yesterday by David Cameron who called nurses ‘selfish’ for demanding a pay rise.

The public sector pay cap is causing a real shortage in the nursing profession, where the number of nurses and midwives has fallen by 1,783 according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council. With UK hospitals at critical capacity, nurses and doctors are acting on good faith by working considerable overtime for free. However…

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