Rachael_Swindon guest post: Corbyn’s gains mean it’s time to Chuka few out


Some ice for this burn, please – a great post by ‘Rachael Swindon‘:

There are times when 140 characters simply doesn’t do justice to a situation.

Has anyone else noticed, as soon as Jeremy Corbyn won 2 leadership contests, and made gains not predicted by a single member of the establishment media (or many of his own MPs) in a general election, a particular someone always seems to be keen on making headlines?

corbyn gainsWhether it’s to offer their unconditional support, or on the flip side, whether it’s to throw their well-to-do toys out of their pram (that always pulls to the right), there’s always one person who seems compelled to make it all about them.

Popping up on every TV network, every radio station, buzzing around newsrooms like a Rampant Rabbit that’s gone from Panasonic Economy to Duracell Ultra, is Chuka Umunna.

Anybody would think Labour’s (unexpected by…

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