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This happened a while ago now, not long after the Work Program started, but it’s taken me this long to get around to writing it down, quite frankly I never imagined anyone else would be that interested. Anyway here it is, I apologise in advance for the punctuation it never was my strong point. I was one of the first JSA claimants from my area to be sent, on the then new DWP Work Program. To be administered by Seetec whose whole approach was amateurish in the extreme, I now wonder how many people who struggle with the whole process of claiming benefits and the minefield of rules/regulations that goes with that, ended up being sanctioned, not through their lack of looking for work, but just because of either poor organisation, advisors’ bloody-mindedness or that Seetec make money through sanctions (advisor training). I’ll give you an example of their approach…

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One thought on “Sanctioned

  1. I still don’t understand how anyone can be ‘sanctioned’, by having the little money the law says is what we, as the people of the UK, are entitled to, at a level that can barely be survived on as it is, which is then taken away for weeks, if not months, or years, at a time?

    Surely this could be classed as unlawful or, if not that then, at the least, unethical to do?

    How can a government be so corrupt that they change laws, so that they are able to punish the most vulnerable people of our society, with impunity, and a total lack of any kind of compassion?

    I just wish someone could make them answerable to their crimes 😦

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