DWP’s Behaviour ‘Science’ (BS) ‘Growth Mindset’ resolutely trashed by academics

Frank Zola

The DWP Behaviour ‘Science’ (BS) Team collaboration with USA psychobabblers[1] has been dealt a severe blow, after it’s use of the ‘Growth Mindset‘ is “not“[2] a predictor of achievement.

“…fixed mindsets were associated with greater academic achievement.”
Source: ‘Growth mindset does not predict academic achievement, study finds‘ – Times Education Supplement – 25/7/17

Therefore Jobcentre Work ‘Coach’ inculcation of this ‘Growth Mindset‘ trash within the DWP’s mandatory ‘Health and Work Conversation’[3] for new ESA claimants should be banned immediately. The DWP’s State sponsored BS goal to change a person’s ‘Fixed Mindset’ to a ‘Growth Mindset‘  is nothing short of psychological abuse.

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