#ToryGlastonbury shows they’ve learned – absolutely nothing


Fresh from trying to manufacture a grassroots movement aping the pro-Corbyn Momentum with ‘Moggmentum’, the Tories have decided to, er, manufacture a grassroots event, with what has been dubbed the ‘Tory Glastonbury’.

Conservative MP George Freeman has decided to set up a ‘Conservative Ideas Festival”, saying,

Why is it just the left who have all the fun in politics?”

In spite of mainstream and social media dubbing the event – tongue so far in cheek it’s almost a piercing – ‘Tory Glastonbury’, Mr Freeman considers his event to be a

cross between Hay-on-Wye and the Latitude festival.

Of course, it’s highly likely that Freeman was just scrabbling for any comparison that didn’t include “We want to be like Jez at Glasto” (or whatever the Tory equivalent words would be), but his alternatives were not much more appropriate.

Glastonbury is attended by around 175,000 people, Latitude by tens of thousands. Hay…

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