Universal credit’s hidden cut pushes disabled people into poverty

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Severely disabled people, like Philip, are losing their lifeline as disability benefits disappear in the rollout of universal credit.

Universal credit is in full-blown crisis, from cross-party criticism of its inbuilt six-week delayto a symbolic government defeat in the Commons over pausing its rollout. But one of the policy’s most shameful parts is barely being noticed: the hidden cut being forced on some of Britain’s most severely disabled people.

Philip, 41, who has multiple mental and physical health problems – including severe anxiety and depression – knows it all too well. An injury in his 30s severely damaged his left foot and he can only move on crutches.

He medically retired as a roadsweeper in 2011 and before universal credit came in he was getting by on a patchwork of disability benefits. The titles – employment and support allowance (ESA), enhanced disability premium (EDP), and severe disability premium (SDP)…

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An APOLOGY to Rt Hon John Redwood MP from Tom Pride on date rape comments 

Pride's Purge

An apology to the Rt Hon John Redwood MP

Regarding my blogpost: TORY MP CLAIMS DATE RAPE JUST “DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO LOVERS” of 24th October, 2017.

It has been brought to my attention (please see email correspondence below) in a post on my blog “Pride’s Purge” on the subject of the Rt Hon John Redwood MP claiming that DATE RAPE IS NOT REALLY RAPE BUT JUST A “DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO LOVERS” , that I made an untrue and defamatory statement about Mr Redwood, when he stated DATE RAPE IS NOT REALLY RAPE BUT JUST A “DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO LOVERS”.

In particular, in the course of writing the blog post about Mr Redwood’s assertion that DATE RAPE IS NOT REALLY RAPE BUT JUST A “DISAGREEMENT BETWEEN TWO LOVERS”, I would like to unreservedly and sincerely apologise for stating Mr Redwood is a director of NM Rothschild bank.


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‘Unbiased’ BBC Today editor once praised Theresa May as “a symbol of stability and permanence”

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Sarah Sands – the relatively new editor of Today – has been criticised for ‘dumbing down’ Radio 4’s flagship news and current affairs programme.

Personally, I’d be rather more concerned about the former Telegraph, Mail and Standard right-wing hack’s political bias.

Sands once gushed about how Theresa May is a “symbol of stability and permanence“:

… and she is also on record as smearing Jeremy Corbyn for supposedly being anti-democratic:

Could Sands’ new passion for replacing hard political news on Today with fashion puff pieces be her way of distracting from the disastrous leadership of her beloved Theresa May and the utter shambles in her darling Tory Party?


Sands with a friendSarah Sands with a friend


PS Now her salary depends on it, I wonder if Sands still thinks it’s perfectly OK not to pay for the BBC licence if you’re middle-class:

Sarah Sands: Now we’re seeing…

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Work and Pensions Committee publishes “damning” evidence of the impact of Universal Credit

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Committee Chair Frank Field MP calls evidence submitted to the Committee by Halton Housing Trust the “most damning” he has ever read on what he describes as Department for Work and Pensions “maladministration.”

Food bank referrals double

The Halton Trust has accumulated over £400,000 of arrears as a direct result of the rollout of Full Service Universal Credit. This means that just 18% of its tenants owe 55% of all its arrears. Over the last 12 months the number of referrals the Trust has made to local food banks has more than doubled.

The Trust reports on the frequent wrong categorisation of benefit claimants’ eligibility for Advance Payments while Universal Credit is being processed.

In a sample of 1,252 tenants the Trust found that the majority of claimants were eligible for a Benefit Transfer Advance as they were moving from a so-called legacy benefit (like Jobseeker’s Allowance) onto Universal Credit. This…

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Did the Daily Mail accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being involved in the assassination of JFK?

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OK, I admit it.

It was supposed to be a joke:

But the fact quite a few people had to think a few times whether this was satire or a real attempt by Daily Mail journalists to smear the Labour leader, says much more about the dire state of our tabloid press than it does about my poor sense of humour or anything else:

mail jfk satiremail jfk satire1

Not surprising though.

Last year, the Mail and the Sun actually photo-shopped pictures of the Labour leader to falsely accuse Jeremy Corbyn of dancing at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday:.

Letter of complaint to IPSO about the Sun and Mail disrespecting Britain’s war dead on Remembrance Sunday

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