Leading hard brexiter buys EU citizenship for himself and his family

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Billionaire Christopher Chandler is the founder and the main backer of the Legatum Institute Foundation which has been advising Theresa May on the Brexit negotiations and has been pushing May and her government for the hardest of hard Brexits:

How Theresa May is being ‘shepherded’ to a hard Brexit by a multibillionaire Dubai-based New Zealand fund manager

So it’s somewhat of a surprise to discover that Chandler has just arranged to buy EU citizenship for himself and his family under Malta’s citizenship by investment scheme, under which wealthy individuals can obtain an EU passport, and the right to work, live and reside in EU member states:

Malta grants EU citizenship to Legatum backer

Brexit is for the plebs only it seems …

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Call for evidence: Laura Pidcock secures debate on PIP and wants to hear about people’s experiences

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Laura Pidcock, Labour MP for North West Durham, says: “I’m delighted to say that I’ve been able to secure a Westminster Hall debate on Personal Independence Payments (PIP) next Wednesday, the 31st of January. As the debate will be focusing on claimant experience, it would be really useful if those people who have been through PIP could share their experiences of the process, either on here [Facebookor by emailing laura.pidcock.mp@parliament.uk”. 

It’s very important to raise both political and public awareness of the consequences of  government policies and the harmful and distressing impact these are having on so many of us. The government have denied a ‘causal link’ between their policies and the correlated distressing experiences of disabled citizens. This is a good opportunity for us to present the government with the empirical evidence of that link. 


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No electric, no food, failed ESA medicals. This weeks blog.

The poor side of life

Dear readers, can I please apologise for the lateness of my blog this week. After the demo, we went for a cuppa to warm up and then went to a meeting. This took time, but it was essential. More news about this at a later date if everything goes to plan.

I’ve had a busy week, and combined with not feeling well it’s been tough. I made a short appearance on The Victoria Derbyshire programme yesterday morning (25th Jan 2016.)  Discussing the need for free school meals for all children, not just years 1 and 2. A doctors appointment has also been made for tomorrow so hopefully all will be well soon. Anyway enough about me.

I arrived slightly early because I was expecting a visitor at the demo. A lovely man named Stuart who wanted to come and help out. I jumped at the chance, its lovely meeting new…

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Your son has died? Never mind put some make up on and get on with looking for work. More despicable occurrences and more at Ashton Under Lyne Jobcentre. Today’s demo.

The poor side of life

Hi readers, I thought that this weeks demo would be quiet. We were low on numbers due to the cold weather and illness, and I had mistakenly thought that we might be quiet. I was wrong.

I arrived a few minutes early and much to my surprise Gordon was already there waiting with the food parcels. It was freezing and I was wearing many layers and thermals, as was Gordon. I do appreciate that I am lucky to have them and thank you. Most of the people that I speak to are wearing very unsuitable clothing, thin cotton jackets, cotton trousers, shorts and even summer shoes. Appropriate clothing is a luxury that many cannot afford, and this government should be ashamed that the poorest are not able to clothe themselves appropriately. I’m not talking about fancy clothes either, even a winter coat would be a start.

As soon as I…

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European fundamental rights charter to be excluded in the EU withdrawal Bill, including protection from eugenic policy

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The result of the EU referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, and forthcoming withdrawal, carries some obvious and very worrying implications for the protection of citizens rights and freedoms in the UK. Historically the UK government has strongly opposed much of Europe’s social rights agenda.

So it’s very concerning that the House of Commons has voted down a Labour amendment to ensure that our basic human rights are protected after Brexit, as set out in the European Union Charter.

The EU Withdrawal Bill, which is currently in its report stage in the House of Commons, will transfer some existing European Union law into UK law when Britain leaves the EU in March 2019. A Labour amendment, tabled in the name of Jeremy Corbyn, sought to retain the Fundamental Rights provisions in the Charter but it has been voted down in the Commons by 317 votes to 299.

The Conservatives have…

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