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Stop and FIX Universal Credit Day of Action. Some Images.

Ipswich Unemployed Action.

Stop and FIX Universal Credit day of action Saturday 2nd of December: Ipswich, Giles Corner.

The Mirror notes:

The government has consistently refused to “pause and fix” the scheme which has seen families pushed in to debt and rent arrears – despite losing a vote called by the Labour Party to do so.

The document titled “Universal Credit Transition Rollout Schedule” was published on the DWP website the day after the budget, replacing a previous version.

It lists the point at which UC will be rolled out in each JobCentre.

However, an analysis of the new timetable for, comparing it to the previous rollout schedule, showed that Maidenhead, Ashford, Hemel Hempstead, Walthamstow and Redbridge Job Centres Plus will all now delay the roll out by three months.

These cover the bulk of the constituencies of Maidenhead, Ashford, South West Hertfordshire and Chingford…

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Jaw-dropping HYPOCRISY as Damian Green’s own Tory council SACKS workers for viewing porn

Pride's Purge

A detective has revealed that thousands of pornographic images and videos were found on Theresa May’s deputy PM Damian Green’s laptop and the internet history on Green’s device showed pornography had been viewed extensively:

Thousands of porn images on Damian Green’s computer, says detective

Green, however, adamantly refuses to resign, even after admitting viewing the pornography on his computer at his Westminster office. The Tory MP claims that since the pornography he viewed at his workplace was not extreme or illegal, it is a personal matter and not a matter for resigning or firing.

Which is strange, because the MP for Ashford, Kent’s own Tory council – Kent County Council – has fired a least three of its own workers for exactly the same thing:

Kent County Council staff sacked or quit after being caught viewing pornography on council computers

So the usual Tory hypocrisy then – one rule for…

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R4 Today’s GQ editor interview is BBC’s 3rd Corbyn ‘fail’ in ten days


At around 7.45 this morning, BBC Radio 4’s ‘flagship current affairs programme’, interviewed Dylan Jones, the editor of GQ magazine. GQ have just released the cover of their latest magazine, due for publication next week, featuring a picture of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

corbyn gq.pngJones was allowed several minutes to describe Corbyn in a variety of disparaging ways, from a ‘grandpa’ pushed around by his ‘minders’ to a ‘wizard of Oz’ character lacking in substance, as well as describing the supposed disillusionment of young GQ staffers who had expected him to be able to ‘turn water into wine’.

Jones was also allowed to describe the interview as ‘torturous’ and to describe Corbyn as ‘myopic’, ‘divisive’ and shallow, claiming that when asked he was unable to name his business advisers or any book he had read.

All without serious challenge or probing from his BBC interviewer.

The interview prompted a ‘pile-on’ by…

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8 1/2 month pregnant lady told to attend parenting course on the threat of a sanction. Man forced onto a 2 week course 5 days a week at the Jobcentre 9-4. Welcome to Universal Credit hell.

The poor side of life

Can I start this weeks blog by saying how angry I am at this system that the government likes to call ‘Benefits’. Change the name, make it sound different then stigmatise the vulnerable people that are in desperate need of help. That’s exactly how this government rolls isn’t it. Today was just awful and there are no excuses that can be made to justify the governments deplorable behaviour against the poor. I do feel that it is a war against the poor and at the moment they have the upper hand. This cannot be allowed to continue for forever can it.

Anyway, you don’t want to hear my rant but it’s how I feel. But remember its not ‘Benefits’ it’s ‘Social Security’.

I arrived at the Jobcentre and was met by two Journalists from BBC North West, I do believe that the presenter was one of the two chaps but…

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